Watch a fantastic video put together by Matt!

Featuring Dave & Matt Spashett and their porter Picram.

Very many thanks to all who sponsored Dave on his Everest Trek.  His efforts have so far raised over £1,200 for the St. Matthew’s Re-Ordering Fund.  Don’t forget that you can still donate: just click the button at the foot of the page.

27th May

Mission accomplished!


Dave & Matt with their porter Picram at Everest Base Camp!

After reaching Base Camp Dave left Matt, taking two days to trek back down to Namche.
Meanwhile, Matt camped out until the start of the Tenzing Hillary Everest Marathon.
Dave arrived in Namche at 12pm on the 29th May and Matt completed the marathon at 3pm.
He did it in 8 hours & 10 minutes, coming in 43rd out of the 250 runners!
Congratulations Matt!

25th & 26th May

No WiFi and no phone battery – Dave used this as a total rest day in Loboche at 4940m … whilst Matt went up a mountain!

A kettle being boiled!

Matt made Dave climb up to this gompa.  The eyes follow you everywhere!

24th May

Setting off from Tengboche

Today was another hard day in the mountains, trekking from Tengboche to Dingboche which is 4410m above sea level – the highest Dave has ever been.  Dave took a nap on their arrival, but Matt went for a walk halfway up a mountain and took this stunning picture.

23rd May

The final climb of the day, 600m up into Tengboche.  3880m and 60% oxygen.  Dave wasn’t laughing at the end.

The Buddhist Emple in Tengboche.  It’s the only building there except for the hostels and a bakery.  Dave recommends the apple pie!

The hostel the guys stayed in as seen from the temple.  Looks better than it is!

22nd May

Lhotse, the 4th highest mountain in the world, peaking through the clouds.

Acclimatisation day climbing out of Namche.  440m.

21st May

The start of the trail in earnest, Sagamantha National Park gateway

Dave & Matt start the climb to Namche, heading for the upper bridge!

Crossing the bridge

Some of Dave & Matt’s companions! Lots of mule and yak trains.

From Dave:
Made it to Namche today, 3500m.  Acclimatisation day tomorrow.  Nasty end to the trek today, you have to climb 800m in 2.5km.  I work that out to be an average of 1 in 3!  I am happy, I just don’t have the strength to smile!

20th May


Mani walls

19th May

Dave & Matt heading out to the airport to catch their flight to Kathmandu.

18th May

9.00am : The view from Matt’s balcony on Lamma Island, looking across the East Lamma Channel at a smoggy Hong Kong Island!
The guys fly out to Kathmandu tomorrow.

A nice 7-mile round trip to Sok Kwu Wan (Picnic Bay) on the other side of Lamma Island. Thirty-three degrees but it felt much hotter due to the humidity – it’s the same heat whether in shade or full sun.  I didn’t realise how mountainous the trip would be – good training for the days to come!